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Nelicans Lemons KDP eBook Cover.jpg

Nelican's Lemons

Nelican is a happy island pelican. One morning, he stumbles upon a crate of lemons. He tries to share, but none of his neighbors want his bitter fruit! Will Nelican find a clever solution to his load of sour lemons?

The Veggie Patch Bandits Cover KDP eBook.jpg

The Veggie Patch Bandits

When a group of pesky animals raid Mr. Bagban’s garden, the gardener grows frustrated. Mr. Bagban tries everything to protect his veggie patch, but the animals just keep stealing! Will Mr. Bagban come up with a way to keep the thieving critters out?


Pickerton's Jiggle

Pickerton Wickerton is a particular pig who loves to stay clean. But when he falls in the mud, he becomes furious! Is a wiggle and a jiggle all that he needs to shake off the dirt? Find out in this picture book of rollicking rhymes and charming illustrations!

Monster Marlo_eBook Cover 2.jpg

Bella the Terrible's

Horrible Grudge

Bella the Terrible’s candy is all gone—and Marlo the Menace is entirely responsible. Sasha, Suni, Carlos, Trevor, and Alex step in to try and make things right. But will Bella the Terrible ever forgive Marlo the Menace for eating all her tastiest treats?

Monster Freda_eBook Cover3.jpg

Bella the Terrible's

Bashful Cousin

Bella the Terrible goes on vacation, so Freda the Fierce steps in to substitute as the neighborhood monster. But Freda the Fierce is not so fierce! When two bullies taunt the monster, Sasha, Suni, Alex, Trevor, and Carlos teach her a valuable lesson in standing up for herself.

Monster Kindness_eBook Cover.jpg

Bella the Terrible's

Kindness Fix

Bella the Terrible has her monster paws full when Sasha, Suni, Carlos, Trevor, and Alex get into an angry squabble. When Freda the Fierce shows up for an unexpected visit, Bella the Terrible takes the opportunity to remind the kids that kindness is the best remedy for anger.

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