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Life Is a Joke and It Ain't Even Funny: Not a Novel

“It’s a bit disappointing that zucchini noodle salad has absolutely no noodles in it whatsoever.”

For fans of life, a humorous, irreverent look at life itself.

Dive into a score of original wit and witticism in this collection of honest, contemporary humor in the form of important observations about our everyday world. Comedic quotes and wry perspectives wrapped up in uncommon wisdom leave readers tickled pink.


The casually amusing Life Is a Joke and It Ain’t Even Funny offers splendiferous entertainment value for humorists, quote lovers, and anyone in the mood for a hearty laugh or a lighthearted chuckle to get them through a spare 45 minutes, an easy remote workday, or the not-so-serious trials of life.

Life Is a Joke and It Ain't Even Funny: Not a Novel

World History

Modern Conveniences That Would've Rewritten History

Life is more comfortable today than ever in history, thanks to a dizzying array of modern conveniences we never imagined we could live without. In this entertaining exploration of history merged with contemporary times, discover how a selection of modern conveniences would’ve impacted the lives of some of the world's most recognizable historical figures—and altered the course of humankind.

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In Defense of the Grim Reaper

Listen, I’ve gotten a bad rap throughout eternity, and I aim to set things straight. You’ll hear my side of the story in this hilarious collection of essays about yours truly. So be prepared for your deep-rooted ideas about me to change. You’ll be among the privileged few who get to see my brighter side. If you don’t already have a sense of humor about me, you will after you read In Defense of the Grim Reaper.

In Defense of the Grim Reaper_eBook Cover.jpg

Self-Help Happiness

The Hermit of the Mountain

Bubbling with wisdom after years of solitude on the mountain, the hermit descends to the modern-day town below. He is keen to share his knowledge with the townspeople. Doubting at first, the young, the old, the broken, the whole, the poor, the rich, the failed, and the successful hear the knowledge spilling out of him like an effervescent healing potion that’s been years in careful preparation. The captivated townspeople sip his lofty insights about love, charity, friendship, meaning, and life itself, expressed in small, enthralling doses. Will you, too, drink the hermit’s wisdom of life?

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In Defense of the Eighties

Growing up in the eighties meant you might have participated in confusing fashion trends, mixed your own music, and generally lived in a more carefree time. Fusions of pop and rock were produced by glamorous hair bands of the day—with hairspray defining the entire decade. In fact, everything was larger than life in the eighties. Relive the days of ultra-neon colors, corded telephones, and ubiquitous leg warmers in In Defense of the Eighties, and indulge in the idiosyncrasies that made the eighties one of the most recognizable and unforgettable decades ever.

In Defense of the Eighties_eBook Cover.jpg
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