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Collector of Things & Other Poems is an illustrated collection of contemporary light verse for children. Featuring whimsical characters, like Millionaire Montgomery and the Bigalaboo, this collection of over one-hundred humorous poems is sure to inspire bellyfuls of giggles!


Age Range: 7-10

Pub Date: Sept 4, 2021

Size: 7.5 x 9.25

Page Count: 152

ISBN: 978-1-7353473-9-4

"Imaginative, fun, silly, laugh aloud, simplistic yet detailed illustrations, and oh so much fun!" - Kristen M


Nilay accidentally releases a newbie genie named Jai. The duo find themselves on a comical quest to ancient India, following the historic trail of India's silk weavers!

Middle Grade

Age Range: 8-10

Pub Date: Dec 3, 2019

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Page Count: 104

ISBN: 978-1-7331661-1-9

"Especially recommended for family, elementary school, middle school, and community library Historical Fiction collections." - Midwest Book Review